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Community Preservation Development Corp., DC


The challenge: Leverage a $20M renovation to enhance the vibrancy of the entire Edgewood campus and provide better connections with the surrounding community.  

The solution: Engage various stakeholders including CPDC development, asset management, and resident service staff, property management, community partners, and residents, and provide compelling positioning, identity and recommendations to more effectively market the property and enhance its image in the community. 

Together we came to understand that positioning Edgewood Commons for success required systemic and pervasive changes to the ways in which CPDC interacts with its tenants, partners and even within its own organization. At the core of the Edgewood Commons positioning is the desire to become more open, vibrant and engaged and the understanding that every choice is made with the intent of earning the trust of staff, tenants, partners and community members.

Strategy Visualization
CPDC is a nationally-recognized leader in affordable housing. Its award-winning affordable housing preservation projects are known for their high-quality design, sophisticated financing, and robust resident services programs. 

In 24 years, CPDC has increased the stock of affordable housing in the mid-Atlantic region by 5,263 units and has redeveloped 26 affordable housing communities in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Today the organization owns and operates over 4,300 residential apartments serving more than 9,300 residents. 

After the launch of the new Edgewood Commons placebrand and marketing plan, CPDC asked us to help them with some bigger picture thinking. Specifically, they invited Ruth Wieder to facilitate a board retreat and develop a graphic visualization to help memorialize and enrich the organization's comprehensive strategic planning process -- capture the top-level ideas developed and agreed upon, display directionally where we are going and how we will focus our energy to get there.

The strategic plan represents a real shift in direction for CPDC and the illustration captures that shift visually and makes it more accessible to employees and those members of the public with whom they choose to share it with.

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