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DC PACE Commercial


The Challenge: Develop an attractive financing solution that will help District property owners implement necessary energy efficiency improvements.

The Outcome: The District of Columbia, under the leadership of Mayor Vincent Gray and the District Department of Environment, has embarked on a bold program to make Washington, DC a national and global leader in sustainable development.

One of the centerpieces of this plan is the DC PACE Commercial program that will provide an attractive financing solution that will help commercial and/or tax-exempt property owners implement energy efficiency and water conservation improvements. Projects financed by DC PACE will:

  • Spur job creation and economic development in the District of Columbia
  • Increase energy security for residents and businesses in the District
  • Reduce greenhouse gas and other noxious emissions in the metropolitan region.

The District has authorized 250 million dollars of revenue bonding authority to the project and is dedicating their tax assessment authorities to enable its launch and ongoing effectiveness. Following is a quick overview video of the program. 

With its extensive network of local and regional connections and both B2B and B2C branding and marketing experience, Trialogue Studio was asked to head up program brand development, marketing and communications on behalf of the District Department of the Environment. Trialogue worked with a team of consultants to define the program and specifically develop a marketing strategy that is incorporated into the total program manual that governs program use and ongoing implementation. 

UPDATE: The client asked us to take on an additional work assignment to develop all program marketing materials, web site, social media presence and sales and marketing presentations. This work is now complete and the program is being administered by Urban Ingenuity on behalf of DDOE. Check out the DC PACE micro-site here

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