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Society for Human Resource Professionals, DC

Using organizational cartography to Help increase the impact of SHRM's 7,500+ Advocacy Group members. 

The Challenge: Increase the impact of SHRM's Advocacy Group by; 1) finding a more effective way to prepare members for SHRM's annual State Lobby Days on the Hill; 2)  making the annual State Legislative Directors meeting more meaning; and 3) Supporting efforts to recruit more members to serve on their Advocacy Team. 

The Outcome: Previously SHRM had been using a webinar as their primary method for training members for the Annual State Lobby Days on the Hill, but found its utility to be limited. Ruth Wieder translated the webinar content into an engaging and informative visual map that members could look at on their laptops, tablets and phones to "punch up their lobbying efforts".

Meeting minutes often go into files or worse into the recycling bin. The important outcomes from this annual meeting needed to become top of mind information for State Legislative Directors. Visually documenting the content of the meeting encouraged members to continually refer back to this information as they carried out their lobbying efforts back in their home states.

Increasing the number of members to SHRM's Advocacy Team was an important outcome of this annual meeting. To support recruitment efforts for this program Ruth Wieder was able to visualize all previous recruitment content into one clearly articulated statement supporting this effort. 

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