Organizational Cartography.png

At it's most fundamental level organizational cartography is the creation of a map for an organization. The context of the map is what brings in the complexity.  Like any strong cartographer, you first need to understand and analyze the relationships within the organization and make decisions based on those relationships. From her decade-long experience working as a brand strategist, Ruth Wieder has seen how important a deep understanding of an organization's complex relationships both internally and externally are to its success. As an Organizational Cartographer she might map a current situation, a future goal, or a challenge which needs to be addressed. Using this visual mapping technique can help everyone in an organization follow along a new path, collectively iterate solutions or create a rapid prototype of a new direction.

The most meaningful maps are always co-created using all of the available content and context from an organization. Seeing how strategic plans, annual reports, meeting minutes, stakeholder interviews, statistical data, organizational charts and specific job functions all relate to one another in one single image can be a powerful transformative tool for organizations who want to understand the real landscape that they exist within.