Founded in 2009 by Michael Altman, Ruth Wieder and Jessie Leiber, Trialogue Studio is a boutique agency that has developed a robust branding, design and communications practice that offers a range of related services in Washington, DC and beyond that include:

  • Organizational Cartography
  • Brand strategy development (including positioning and naming)
  • Marketing communications planning, design and execution
  • Web site development
  • Social media strategies and execution
  • Community planning, visioning and engagement strategies
  • Training and development
  • Strategic planning
  • Research/ focus group/ visual recording/ other facilitation

Trialogue is small–deliberately so. But its raison d’etre is huge: tackle the thorniest 21st Century communications challenges, especially those that converge at the intersection of community, commerce and culture. Our business is foresight. How do you cope with a complex environment buffeted by a volatile economy; shifting demographics; new mobile and communication technologies; empowered networks and communities (physical and virtual); higher-than-ever demands for transparency and accountability? Most places and organizations are struggling to make sense of how all the pieces connect. We see the patterns and possibilities.